Artistic masterpieces have always played an essential role in the life of human beings. During the Middle Ages for example, painting and sculpture were a means of communing with God and also a real therapeutic tool. Their beauty was believed to have the power to ‘comfort the soul’. Today in our world, images flash at us from all sides and tend to be used to manipulate us more than to make us feel better. Putting art in its real place, I propose helping you to rediscover the potential of artistic works for your psychological wellbeing and for your personal development. Read more

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Is it for you?
For whom is this art therapy suitable? This method is designed for everyone 15 years old and above. It can be practised alongside classic psychotherapy ...
Who am I ?
After completing a PhD in Art History, I became a researcher and teacher of art history, specialising in medieval and renaissance iconography in Western ...
The sessions are individual or for a group and last between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30.  After a number of sessions in my studio, special sessions are ...
I propose training seminars in French or English for psychologists or art historians wishing to learn my therapeutic approach.   I propose ...


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