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For whom is this art therapy suitable? This method is designed for everyone 15 years old and above. It can be practised alongside classic psychotherapy (such as Jungian or Lacanian) or with alternative therapies such as sophrology and Reiki.


Some areas in which this approach to art therapy has been effective:

- Depression (alongside a classic form of psychotherapy)

- Post-partum depression (alongside a classic form of psychotherapy)

- Mourning (alongside classic psychotherapy)

- Loneliness

- Stress

- Managing emotions

- Phobias (alongside a classic form of psychotherapy)

- Dysmorphophobia or poor self-image (with classic psychotherapy)

- Post-traumatic stress (with classic psychotherapy)

- Work on self, personal development

- Work on understanding the power of imagery and preventing it from manipulating us.

I also use this method for coaching if you are questioning particular aspects of your life and your work or feeling a certain ‘dis-ease’ in general. This form of coaching is also effective for collective sessions in conflict resolution within companies and associations, and to develop a team spirit.




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