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Artistic masterpieces have always played an essential role in the life of human beings. During the Middle Ages for example, painting and sculpture were a means of communing with God and also a real therapeutic tool. Their beauty was believed to have the power to ‘comfort the soul’. Today in our world, images flash at us from all sides and tend to be used to manipulate us more than to make us feel better. Putting art in its real place, I propose helping you to rediscover the potential of artistic works for your psychological wellbeing and for your personal development.

If art therapy has proved its effectiveness since the 1940s when it was ‘invented’ by English psychiatrists, therapy through meditation upon artistic works is new. It opens a way for people who haven’t (yet!) produced art themselves to benefit from whatthese works have to offer. Light years away from the famous Rorschach inkblot test which serves as a diagnostic tool to assess people’s psychological functioning, therapy by meditation upon artistic imagery focuses on opening ourselves to its healing and uplifting effects. It helps us to become aware of the conditioning to which we are subjected through manipulative imagery and to protect ourselves from it. Through becoming aware of our perceptions of art (as beautiful or ugly for instance), we come to know ourselves better. We can heal psychological hurts, begin to dissolve trauma, reinforce positive emotions and achieve a measure of inner quietude.


As I consider art important in all its forms, I also practise music therapy through improvisation (mainly with my violin) to inspire you to lighten your steps - even dance - or express whatever you need to with your body.






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